Getting An Online Background Check Is Just Good Business

Online Background Check

When hiring a new employee, there are two things that you want to know about them. You naturally want to know if they have the education and experience to do or learn the job you have in mind for them. The second thing that you want to be sure of is that you aren't hiring a criminal. There are places where you can get a free online background check. Most human resource directors make use of this service these days.

Employee theft in the workplace is out of control these days. By getting a criminal background check online, employers can find out if a potential employee has a record and how far in their past it is, if they do. They can also find out if that record includes having been arrested and convicted of stealing from a previous employer. It can help you to make the decision of whether to hire someone or not. It will also let you know if any record they may have was disclosed on their application.

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There may be something that shows up on a free online background check that is so far in the past that an employer can over look it, providing the prospective employee has disclosed it. Many people try to hide he fact that they had a problem with the law if it was 10 or 20 years in their past. They don't think a company will know about it. If the past problem is disclosed on the application, the person doing the hiring can talk with the applicant and see if it is a real current problem or not.

Another reason to get an Online Background Check is when a company sends an employee out to clients' homes. That client expects the person showing up to be trustworthy. By having a company of the Online Background Check on file, an employer can assure their client of the honesty and trustworthiness of the individual they send out to do work.

Many times a Background Check will be required in order to be able to get someone bonded. If your company claims to have bonded employees, it only makes sense to get a free online background check to send along to the bonding company to help get their new employee bonded faster so they can get to work.

Whether or not your company has bonded employees that go out to clients' homes, getting a criminal background check online is just a good practice. It is just one more way that a new employee can have the trust of the company that has hired them.

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