CV Check An Important Part Of Job Recruitment Process

CV Check

Preparing a CV is the first and an important step for the job seekers. The job seekers provide all the correct and appropriate information in the CV about themselves, whether it is about academics, work experience, references, etc. When you apply for a job, the first source of information about you is your CV. There are many number of employers who verify the information provided by you in your CV. This particular step is the "CV Check process in Job Recruitment".

In the CV the first thing to look at is the academics information. This is very important information for the employer, because this makes the employer to know how qualified the candidate is. But sometimes the academic information provided in CV seems to be incorrect. There are some candidates who sometimes provide wrong academic information. They do so to show that they are very qualified and are eligible to get the job. Employers might check with your neighbors or from your school to know the correct information about your academics. So it is suggested to the candidates who are applying for the job, do not provide wrong information about your academic background.

Employers also do CV Check for the work experience information provided by the candidates in their CV. Employers generally give preference to those candidates who already have the work experience, because experience means a lot. Employers do not have to do a lot of efforts to train an experienced candidate. That is the reason sometimes candidates provide false information about their work experience. They do this to get preference than other candidates who are fresher. But do not forget that the employers do CV Check for work experience information as well. They will have the communication with candidate's previous employer to know their dedication towards work. And in case if they found this information is wrong then candidate will be dismissed from the job. So it is again suggested do not provide wrong information about work experience even if you do not have any, just to get preference.

Most of the candidates provide the references in their CVs. But just to look at the CV the employer cannot get all the information about the candidate. That is the reason employer do the CV check process to know something more about the candidate. There are employer who do the Reference Check for all the candidates applied for the job. On the other hand there are some employers who do the Reference Check for the selected candidates. Employers enquire the character and background of the candidates applied for the job.

Employers have all the right to cross check the information provided by the candidates in their CV. After all the employers are providing jobs to the applicant. So it is the duty of the applicant not to provide any incorrect information or hide the correct information. If the applicant will be honest in his first approach, the employer will also be faithful to applicant.